Surface Art Studio

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​We Design. We Innovate. We Paint. Surface Art Studio is a full service surface design and painting studio. We've been creating custom art and wall finishes for residential and commercial spaces since 2001 and we believe in the power of paint to transform any surface into art, any environment into an experience, any room into a unique and loved space. Our clients are quality minded home owners, designers, architects, builders, and re modelers who share our appreciation of fine art and fine finish work. 

what we do

Surface Art Studio owner, artist, and master painter Darci Banks has been a professional painting contractor since 1998. Merging her foundation in fine art with her experience as a residential and commercial painter, Darci founded Surface Art Studio in 2001. Her background also includes co founding and co directing Boulder Colorado's Axis Mundi Art Gallery, production management for the Colorado Artists Festival and curating and producing pop up gallery, action paint, and non profit events such as the MASK project, RACE for the CURE, Inside Out, and ARTSLAM.  Darci currently lives, works, and makes art in Muskegon, Michigan.