Surface Art Studio

who we are 

Services we offer

 Fine art and murals for residential and commercial spaces. Color consultation and color matching. Professional high end interior all surface painting services. Hand troweled textures and plaster finishes including metallic, venetian, and aggregate plasters. Traditional painted finishes including glazing, wood graining, and trompe l'oeil. Custom abstract wall paintings, hand painted patterns, and damask stenciling. Traditional metal leaf gilding, metallic patina finishes, and mirrored glass. Wood repairs, restoration, and finishing - including stairwells, furniture, and cabinetry. Faux leather, fabric, stone, and marble finishes. 

What We Do

Darci Banks founded Surface Art Studio in 2001 by merging her foundation in fine art with her experience as a professional painting contractor. Her background also includes co founding and co directing Boulder Colorado's Axis Mundi Art Gallery, production management for the Colorado Artists Festival, and curating and co producing pop up art and non profit gallery events such as the MASK project, Race for the Cure, Inside Out, and ARTSLAM. Darci Banks is a member of the International Decorative Artisan's League, and her work was recently included in and sold from the 92nd Michigan Contemporary Artists Show at the Muskegon Museum of Art. 

​Surface Art Studio is a full service interior / exterior painting studio creating custom wall and wood finishes, murals, mirrors, and fine art for residential and commercial spaces since 2001. Our customers are designers and builders, homeowners and remodelers who seek custom design solutions and artful excellence in finish work.