Surface Art Studio

​​fine art  painted finishes


Over the years Surface Art Studio has worked with and collaborated creatively with so many talented artists, designers and tradespeople. Each of these individuals have contributed their unique talents to Surface Art's vision and success. We are so fortunate to have some of the most inspired decorative painters in the industry lending their skill and creativity to our projects! 

Susan Mattson, Associate Artist,  has partnered with Darci Banks on painting projects since 2001. She has a foundation in  painting with a BFA from The Maryland Institute, College of Art.  Susan's fine art and mural painting are informed by plein air excursions to Portugal, Italy, and Maine.  Susan contributes on-site painting experience, computer design support, and enthusiasm for all things relating to fine hand craft.


​We Design. We Innovate. We Paint. We are an independent full service surface design and painting studio, custom finishing since 2001. We believe in the power of paint to transform any surface into art, any environment into an experience, any room into a unique and loved space. Each Surface Art design is it's own dynamic creation. Our clients are quality minded home owners, design professionals, architects, builders, and remodelers who share our appreciation of fine finish work. Surface Art Studio brings innovative techniques, intuitive design and master talent to your ideas and designs

what we do

Darci Banks, Surface Art Studio Owner and Artist, has worked in the applied arts and trades industry since 1996 and is a professional painting contractor since 2001. Her technical and field skills are informed by a fine art background which also includes co owning and directing Boulder Colorado's Axis Mundi Arts Gallery, production management for the Colorad Artists Festival, and curating for non profit galleries.